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Service Agreement

Underline Wave Rentals in San Diego

Thank you for choosing Beach 2 You for all of your beach needs during your stay here in North County San Diego. Before we deliver your beach gear, we have to cover the legal things in order to keep you, our equipment, and our staff safe. 


This Contract and Release is entered into on the date below by and between (DBA: Beach 2 You (herein “Beach 2 YouRentals”) and each adult Renter whose name and signature appear below. 




Renter understands and agrees that the Rental Equipment are in limited supply and customers of Beach 2 You Rentals have reserved dates and times to use the Equipment, so Renter shall be liable for a late charge of twice the daily rent for each day the Equipment are not timely returned to the designated location. 


Renter shall be responsible for and shall hold harmless, defend and indemnify Beach 2 You Rentals, its members, agents, and employees from and against any and all

third party claims, liabilities, demands and judgments, including its reasonable attorney’s fees, if Renter’s damage to the Equipment, or its failure or delay in returning the same, causes such losses. 


Renter assumes full responsibility for the Equipment from the time of his or her first possession of the same and until it is returned to, and properly secured at, the designated location approved by So Cal Beach 2 You Rentals, and he or she agree to compensate for all damages to and/or loss whether caused by theft, negligence, intentional misuse, or otherwise, excluding normal wear and tear (“Damages”). 


If Renter has placed a credit card on file with Beach 2 You, the company may charge the

card to cover these expenses.


Renter represents that he or she is at least sixteen (16) years of age.


In consideration of being permitted to rent the Equipment and to operate the same, 

officers, directors, members, employees, agents, and contractors – collectively, “Releasees”) from any and all claims, demands, rights, and causes of action of whatsoever kind, whether in tort, by contract, under any product liability theory and/or statutory basis, or otherwise, which may arise and/or result from personal injuries, property damage, death, illness, and/or any other source, occurring during and/or resulting from his, her, and/or their, rental of the Equipment. If any lawsuit or other claim is brought by Renter, or by anyone on behalf of a minor on whose behalf Renter entered into this Agreement, which arises from or relates to injuries sustained to the person or property of Renter and/or such minor during, or as a result of, his or her use of the Chair and Equipment, then Renter shall be responsible for all of Releasees’ defense costs, including, its reasonable legal fees, and in addition, Renter shall be obligated to pay in full the amount of any resulting judgment entered against Releasees, or anyone or more of them,

and/or the amount of any good faith settlement agreed upon by Releasees, or anyone or more of them, to avoid a trial or other adverse disposition of such claim.


Renter consents to and permits Beach 2 You Rentals to use its best efforts to seek to obtain emergency medical treatment in the event of injury or illness to Renter and agrees that he or she will be solely responsible to pay any costs incurred with respect to emergency medical treatment. 


Renter further acknowledges and understands that Beach 2 You Rentals has a limited supply of 

Equipment and that the Equipment breakdowns can occur in the ordinary course of their use. Under no circumstances shall Beach 2 You Rentals be liable for any other damages.



Nikki Jencen – Owner 

Beach 2 You

Carlsbad, CA 

(760) 519-7005